In order to utilise the full technical capability of its rigs and equipment, and avoid unnecessary damage, IHC FUNDEX Equipment offers a comprehensive training programme for operators and service engineers. The training takes place in the company’s factory and/or on the first job site where the product is being installed. Naturally, (additional) training can also be provided after the customer has started working with the rig and equipment.

As soon as the rig has been assembled, it is tested extensively at IHC FUNDEX Equipments impressive facilities. This is the ideal opportunity to introduce the operating team to the experience of using the rig and equipment in the field. In addition, there is the opportunity to explore the technology within the machinery in more detail. Among the theoretical subjects are basic-level electricity, components, scheme readings, control systems and fault finding.

Another option is to provide training during the installation phase on the first job site. Although this is a practical situation, training facilities are limited.

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