• Piling


Piling is a common technique used for foundations on various projects such as buildings, bridges and railways, and it has led to a high demand for piles on a global basis. There is a wide range of products available, such as precast (pre-stressed) piles, steel tubes, wooden piles and sections. IHC FUNDEX's multifunctional foundation rigs are deployed with hydraulic impact, vibratory or diesel hammers for these piling jobs.

The capability of handling the relatively high weight of the hammer and pile, long leaders and rake positions mean that IHC FUNDEX’s rigs are perfectly matched for piling jobs.

Although one of the unique selling points of IHC FUNDEX’s multifunctional foundation rigs is the limited space required for erection, there are also products for more extreme scenarios. For example, on jobsites where space and height is limited – such as in a building, or under a bridge or flyover – IHC FUNDEX can supply a wide range of compact piling rigs, with mast lengths from 2 to 11 m.

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