Multifunctional foundation rig

IHC FUNDEX Equipment designs, produces and supplies multifunctional foundation rigs in various sizes and with the accompanying accessories. Half a century of knowledge and experience in the field of the different foundation techniques lies behind the development of the products. Continuous product innovation takes place thanks to the good collaboration with national and international clients. Design, production and assembly all take place in Goes, The Netherlands. The service department consist of very experienced technicians who carry out service and repairs to various makes and types of foundation rigs the world over.

The IHC FUNDEX foundation rig:

  • drives the rotary head and pile-driving hammer directly, thanks to the integrated hydraulic system
  • complies with the latest emission requirements
  • has high stability due to a low centre of gravity
  • can be set up quickly and independently even where space is limited
  • is fitted with a PLC with extensive diagnostic possibilities
  • has a relatively low weight due to the use of high grade steel
  • has the big advantage that the cables remain reeved during transport
  • is available in a range of standard sizes, including the F2500, F2800, F3500 and F5600 rigs.