Compact piling rigs

For jobsites where space and height are limited IHC FUNDEX Equipment supplies a full range of compact piling rigs, for a drop weight starting from 600 kg up to 2500 kg. The rigs are mainly used for bottom driven and top drive piling. Depending on the type these machines are equipped with an onboard power pack or a separate power pack on tracks which can be useful when working in buildings.

The IHC FUNDEX compact piling rig:

  • suitable for restricted access sites
  • deployable for jobs within buildings
  • driven by a diesel or electric motor
  • automatic piling
  • is fitted with a PLC with extensive diagnostic possibilities
  • integrated power pack or separate power pack on tracks
  • can be equipped with one remote control for both rig and separate power pack.

 Compact piling rig





 Min. width

 700 mm

 850 mm

 1100 mm

 1500 mm

 Working dimensions (L x W)

 2330 x 1000 mm

 3100 x 1250 mm

 3950 x 1400 mm

 4500 x 2000 mm

 Min. working height

 1975 mm

 2400 mm

 2700 mm

 3000 mm

 Operational weight (excl. drop weight)

 1900 kg

 4500 kg

 8500 kg

 10000 kg

 Max. drop weight

 1200 kg

 1200 kg

 1800 kg

 2500 kg

 Engine power (integrated)


 24 kW

 55 kW

 80 kW






 Separate power pack





 Engine power 

 37 kW




 Working dimensions (L x W)

 2100 x 800 mm





 1730 mm




 Operational weight 

 1800 kg