High torque low headroom rigs

The IHC FUNDEX TBX / TTD is a range of drill rigs unique in its kind, impressive torques, speeds and rakes all combined in a low headroom size machine. Due to the flexible set up of the machine; cabin and power pack can be easily removed, the rig can be adapted to the different requirements in terms of dimensions. The rigs are mainly used for grout injection screw piles and screw displacement piles.

The IHC FUNDEX high torque low headroom rig:

  • impressive max. torque of 450kNm
  • suitable for restricted access sites
  • is fitted with a PLC with extensive diagnostic possibilities
  • remote controlled
  • stable concept with support on every corner of the machine
  • rake positions forward, backward and sideward possible
  • cabin and power pack can be easily removed
  • TTD has a short leader for bigger stroke of the rotary head
  • short leader of TTD has a modular set-up to enable different lengths.

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