FDA data acquisition system

Acquiring pile data is extremely important nowadays and therefore virtually every machine leaving the IHC FUNDEX factory is fitted with a data acquisition system for drilling, piling and vibrating. The system can be fully integrated in the IHC FUNDEX machines but it is also possible to install it on other machines. All important parameters needed when drilling, piling and vibrating can be measured and recorded. It is possible to select different languages in the system.

Suitable for the following types of pile foundations:

  • full displacement drilling, grout injection piles, CFA drilling and screw piles
  • precast piling, Vibro/Vibrex piling and piling either bottom driven or top-drive
  • vibrating

Parameters which can be viewed and measured standard or optional:

  • rotary head rotation speed, gearing and torque
  • depth
  • inclination
  • penetration/extraction speed (cm/min)
  • rotation rate (rotations/cm)
  • duration, start and end time per pile
  • fuel consumption per pile
  • correction pertaining to sea level
  • comments made by the operator
  • pull-down force
  • concrete/grout pressure
  • concrete/grout volume and filling grade
  • hammer energy and strokes per minute/per 25cm
  • vibration frequency, acceleration and amplitude

The data that is measured can be put onto an USB stick or sent via a modem and then made into reports using the software supplied.