The IHC FUNDEX HB150 is a special developed foundation machine. The rig, with an installed power of 565kW is equipped with a high speed rotary head with a max. speed of 110 rpm and a max. torque of 150kNm. The remote controlled machine is extremely suitable for installing anchor piles but also for screwed piles with or without grout injection and soil mixing.

 Specials & custom-made equipment 


 Transport height

 ± 3412 mm

 Transport length min.

 ± 8890 mm (with 5 mtr. leader)

 Working weight excl. drill tools

 ± 49900 kg

 Working length ca.

 8800 mm

 Leader length ca.

 8600 mm

 Max. work height leader incl. head ca.

 10500 mm




 Max. power

 565 kW (optional 670 kW)

 Rotary head


 Max. drill torque


 Max. drill rotation

 110 rpm 

 Max. pull-up force


 Max. pull-down force


 Drill rod clamp

 double, break out

 Drill rod diameter

 ∅ 60 - 360 mm

 Clamp force with 210 bar