• Drilling


There is a high global demand for piles used for the foundation of many different types of buildings, bridges, railways and so on. Many of these piles are now being drilled rather than piled. Among the reasons for this shift in the technique being employed are an increasing number of urban construction projects, where there is less space and more restrictions on the levels of vibration and noise. In addition, longer piles are required, due to the large scale of the buildings and to avoid the removal of contaminated soil.

The perfect solution for this market is the IHC FUNDEX multifunctional foundation rig. IHC FUNDEX’s rigs are designed specifically for heavy drilling, with high torques and impressive pull-up and pull-down values, because of the company’s roots in soil-displacement drilling. Therefore, its products are also highly capable of CFA drilling to larger depths, with impressive diameters of up to Ø1.500 mm.

Although one of the unique selling points of IHC FUNDEX’s multifunctional foundation rigs is the limited space required for erection, there are also products for more extreme scenarios. For example, on jobsites where space and height is limited – such as in a building, or under a bridge or flyover – IHC FUNDEX can supply a wide range of compact drill rigs, from 65kNm up to 500kNm.

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