IHC FUNDEX Equipment news

New IHC FUNDEX F2800 - September 2016

A brand new beautiful white IHC FUNDEX F2800 left our factory yesterday to his first jobsite in the middle of Holland.



New IHC FUNDEX F2800 transported - August 2016

Yesterday morning a new IHC FUNDEX F2800 left our factory. The F2800 is the second machine of the F-range for this customer. Together with an IHC FUNDEX FDE50HS rotary head (with four gears) the machine is on her way to her first jobsite in Belgium. The assambling started in April this year and last week the IHC FUNDEX F2800 was ready for transport.

Assembling the IHC FUNDEX F5600 - August 2016

In France two of our service engineers have assisted last week with assembling of the IHC FUNDEX F5600. On the first jobsite a leader length of 41 meters was more then enough.

Transport of an IHC FUNDEX TBX45RC - August 2016

A brand new IHC FUNDEX TBX45 left our yard in Goes (The Netherlands). The high torque (max. 450kNm) low headroom machine is on its way to America. As the name suggests, the machine is suitable for jobsites where space and height are limited.

Transport of two compact piling rigs and a hydraulic hammer - June 2016

Last Friday two IHC FUNDEX CP25D compact piling rigs left our yard to the UK together with an IHC FUNDEX CPE30 hydraulic piling                                           hammer.

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